This section is about Our policy on managing cookies on It is intended to inform You of the source and use of the browsing information processed when You visit Our website, and Your rights.


When visiting Our website, We may – if You so choose – save a text file on Your terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) through Your browser. For the entire period that it is valid or saved, this text file, or cookie, enables BIBIMAN to identify Your terminal on Your subsequent visits. Only the issuer of a cookie can read or modify the information in this file. Below is information about cookies that may be saved on Your terminal when You visit pages on the website, either by BIBIMAN or by third parties, as well as how to delete or block these cookies from saving on your terminal.
There are many different types of cookies. Some are issued by BIBIMAN or its service providers directly, and others may be issued by other companies.

- Cookies issued by BIBIMAN and its service providers
When You browse Our website, a variety of cookies may be saved on Your terminal:
NECESSARY cookies (session cookies) that are needed to browse Our website, mainly to properly complete the ordering process. Deleting these cookies may make it difficult to browse Our website and impossible to place an order. These cookies may be installed on Your terminal by BIBIMAN or its service providers.
ANALYTIC AND PERSONALISATION cookies (persistent cookies) that are not required for browsing, but might enable features like assisting Your searches and optimising Your buying experience.
ADVERTISING cookies (third-party cookies) that are not required for browsing, but allow You to see ads more relevant to you.
If Your terminal is used by several people and it has several browser software programs installed, We cannot ensure that the services and advertising designed for Your terminal will pertain to Your own use rather than that of another user. If this is the case, sharing Your terminal and your browser's cookie configuration settings with other people becomes Your own choice and Your responsibility.

- Cookies issued by other companies.
Cookies that third parties issue and use on Our website are governed by the personal data protection policies of those third parties. These cookies are not required to browse Our website. We may include third-party digital applications on Our website that enable You to share Our website content with other people or allow Us to share Your session details or opinions about content on Our website with these other people. This applies to the "Share" and "Like" buttons which originate from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
The social network providing these buttons may identify You using this button, even if You have not used the button while visiting Our Website. We have no control over the process that social networks use to collect information about Your browsing on Our website and linked to the personal data they possess. We recommend reading the privacy policies for those social networks.
The decision to save a Cookie on a terminal is yours alone. You can personalise your browser settings to either accept and save cookies on Your terminal or to deny them. Each browser has different configuration settings. They are usually explained in your browser's help menu. We recommend that You familiarise yourself with them. It will help You know how to modify Your cookie preferences.

Internet Explorer:

Please note: Any of the settings You change to accept or deny cookies on Your browser program may affect Your online browsing experience and the terms of Your access to certain services requiring the use of those cookies. For example, denying some necessary cookies may result in You not being able to place an order on Our website.